Chairman: J. Sargeant, Vice Chairman: R. Lovell. Clerk to the Council: J. Bourne.

1st. May 2021.

You are hereby informed that the Longsdon Annual Parish Meeting will be held remotely via Zoom on Thursday 6th. May 2021 at 7-00p.m.



  1. Apologies for Absence

  2. Approval of Minutes of the last Parish meeting held on 9th. May 2019.

  3. Matters Arising

  4. Receive a Report for the Years 2019 / 2021.

  5. Any Other Business

This meeting will be held virtually using the Zoom platform.

Meeting ID. 947 3269 3690
Pass Code. 230478.

At the conclusion of the Annual Parish Meeting the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council will be held.




  1. Election of Chairman

  2. Apologies for Absence

  3. Election of Vice Chairman

  4. Appointment of Responsible Financial Officer

  5. Appointment of Representatives to Staffordshire Moorlands Parish Assembly (2)

  6. Appointment of Representative to the Longsdon Memorial Hall Management Committee

  7. Risk Assessment Review

  8. Matters Arising

  9. Any Other Business

At the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting the normal Parish Council meeting will take place.




  1. Apologies for Absence.

  2. Declarations of Interest.

  3. Chairman’s Address.

  4. Public Comments.

  5. Approval of Minutes of the last meeting.

    • Minutes of the virtual meeting of the 11th March 2021.
  6. Matters Arising.

    1. Resignation of Councillor.
    2. Bus Shelter – Update.
    3. Tree in Sutherland Road – Report.
    4. Staffordshire County Council Highway Complaints – Report.
    5. Details of Remembrance Sunday Items etc.
    6. St. Chad’s Church Clock – Further Report.
    7. Planting of Village Tubs.
  7. Other Business.

    1. Pedestrian Crossing on A53 Leek Road – Report.
    2. Parish Councils’ Responsibilities.
    3. Venue for Future Meetings.
    4. Refurbishment of the village benches.
  8. Correspondence

    • Already distributed to Councillors :-
      • Invitation to Join Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association.
        Telephone Reading Friends – Staffordshire Libraries.
        Information on Churnet Sound Radio.
        Keep Britain Tidy Campaign.
        Peat Free Campaign – Moorlands Climate Action Newsletter.
        Virtual Councils Meetings – K. Bradley M.P.
  9. Planning Matters.

    1. For Report.

    2. The following plans had been distributed to Councillors for comments and no objections were forwarded:

    3. SMD/2021/0092 Variation of Condition 2 relating to SMD/2014/0748 on Land at Wyn Dene, Leek Road, Longsdon.
    5. SMD/2021/0087 Proposed Single Storey Side & Rear Extension at Waterside, Denford Road, Longsdon.
    7. SMD/2021/0206 Erection of Replacement Double Garage at Woodroyd, Denford Road, Longsdon.
    9. SMD/2021/0232 Variation of Condition 12 in Relation to SMD/2017/0674 at Wyn Dene, Leek Road,Longsdon. 
    11. SMD/2021/0259 Proposed Extension to Form Kitchen / Living Area at Marcliff, Limes Avenue, Longsdon.

      A Notice of Appeal had also been received – Written Reps – App Ref SMD/2020/0211 on Land to the Side of Ridgeway House, Leek Road, Longsdon. The original application was approved but this is to appeal against some of the Conditions imposed.
  10. Finance Matters.

    1. For Report.
      1. Bank Mandate Report.
      2. Further Half Yearly Lengthsman Scheme Invoice and Statement submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.
      3. Appointment of Internal Auditor – Mr. Chris Neufeld.
      4. Perusal of Draft Annual Accounts.
      5. Submission of External Audit Exemption Certificate etc.
      6. Renewal of Council Insurance.
      7. Orders for Payment.

    2. John Sargeant (Chairman)  £   11.98   Paid to Ionos for Website
      Two Monthly Charges.
         £   14.39   Paid to Zoom – Monthly Charge.
      J. A. Gibson  £ 160.00 Agency Work.
      John Bourne  £ 294.99 Clerk’s Salary & Expenses (nett)
      H.M. Revenue & Customs.  £   70.00 P.A.Y.E.


  11. Public Comments.

  12. Items for Inclusion in the Agenda for the Next Meeting.

  13. Date of Next Meeting.