Chairman: J. Sargeant, Vice Chairman: R. Lovell. Clerk to the Council: J. Bourne.

12th June 2021 

You are hereby informed that the Parish Council has arranged a meeting to be held in the Upstairs Room of The Wheel, Leek Road, Longsdon on Thursday 17th. June 2021 at 7-00p.m.

PLEASE note that Face Masks MUST be worn at all times except when seated at the meeting table.


          1. Apologies for Absence.

          2. Declarations of Interest.

          3. Chairman’s Address.

          4. Public Comments.

          5. Approval of Minutes of the last meeting.

            • Minutes of the virtual meeting of the 6th May 2021
          6. Matters Arising.

            1. Resignations of Councillors – updates.
            2. Bus Shelter – Update.
            3. Further Details of Remembrance Sunday Items etc.
            4. St. Chad’s Church Clock – Further Report.
            5. Planting of Village Tubs.
            6. Gate Posts & Driveway in Gratton Lane.
            7. Refurbishment of Parish Benches.
          7. Other Business.

              1. Fly tipping at the old New Inn site.
              2. School in the Memorial Hall – Report on Two Enquiries.
              3. Dog Waste Bins.


          8. Correspondence

            1. Live & Local Indoor & Outdoor Performances. ) Already
              Staffs. Moorlands Climate Change News.       ) Distributed
              Hug Green Arts Festival – 26th. June 2021.   ) to Councillors.

          9. Planning Matters.

            1. To Be Determined:
            2. SMD/2021/0358 Proposed Replacement of Conservatory with Orangery & Link Section to Garage at
              1. Churnet Croft, Wood Road, Longsdon.


          10. Finance Matters.

            1. Yearly Lengthsman Scheme Invoices not yet paid by Staffs. Moorlands District Council.
            2. Renewal of Council Insurance.
            3. To Receive a Report from the Internal Auditor – Mr. Chris Neufeld.
            4. Submission of External Audit Exemption Certificate etc.
            5. Approval of Annual Governance Statement 2020 / 2021.
            6. Approval of Accounting Statement 2020 / 2021.
            7. Orders for Payment.

              John Sargeant (Chairman)  £     5.99   Paid to Ionos for Website – Monthly Charges.
                 £   14.39   Paid to Zoom – Final Monthly Charge.
              J. A. Gibson  £ 120.00 Agency Work.
              Neufeld Accountancy Services.  £   70.00 Internal Audit Fee.
              E.W.H. Construction.  £ 755.00 Erection of Bus Shelter.
              The Wheel  £   25.00 Room Hire.
          11. Public Comments.

          12. Items for Inclusion in the Agenda for the Next Meeting.

          13. Date of Next Meeting.


John Bourne,
Clerk to the Council. (01782) 502940.