Chairman: J. Sargeant, Vice Chairman: R. Lovell. Clerk to the Council: J. Bourne.

31st July 2021

You are hereby informed that the Parish Council has arranged a meeting to be held in the Upstairs Room of The Wheel, Leek Road, Longsdon on Thursday 5th August 2021 at 7-00p.m.

PLEASE note that Face Masks may be worn at all times except when seated at the meeting table.


      1. Apologies for Absence.

      2. Declarations of Interest.

      3. Chairman’s Address.

      4. Public Comments.

      5. Approval of Minutes of the last meeting.

        • Minutes of the virtual meeting of the 17th June 2021
      6. Matters Arising.

        1. Applications for Co-option of Councillors – Four Applications Received.
        2. Bus Shelter – Update.
        3. Further Details of Remembrance Sunday Items etc.
        4. St. Chad’s Church Clock – Further Report.
        5. The Memorial Hall – Report on School & Other Issues.
        6. Dog Waste / Litter Bin – Report.
        7. Late Highways Report.
      7. Other Business.

        1. Leek Show 2022.


      8. Correspondence

        1. Moorlands Climate Action Newsletter,                                          ) Already Distributed 
          Micklea Lane Road Closure Notice.                                              ) to Councillors.


      9. Planning Matters.

        1. The following planning applications have been distributed to Councillors due to the timescale and no objections were received to:
        2. SMD/2021/0387 Replacement Single Storey Side Extension & Detached Single Garage at
          • Greendale, Denford Road, Longsdon
        3. SMD/2021/0433 Conversion of Existing Outbuilding to Form Single Holiday Unit at Lapwing Farm,
          • Devils Lane, Longsdon.
            For this application it was agreed that a proviso be added that the Holiday Let Unit should not be used as a permanent residence.
        4. SMD/2021/0449 Application for Variation of Conditions 1 & 6 following Grant of SMD/2018/0698 on
          • Land adjacent to Whitehaven, Leek Road, Longsdon.
        5. SMD/2021/0455 Erection of Twin Span Polytunnel at Proctor’s Nursery, Leek Road, Endon.


      10. Finance Matters.

        1. Exemption Certificate submitted and Annual Account Information Posted on the Website.
        2. Report on payment of the Staffs. Moorlands District Council Lengthsman Scheme Invoices.
        3. Orders for Payment.

          John Sargeant (Chairman)  £   11.98   Paid to Ionos for Website – Two Monthly Charges.
          Information Commissioner.         £   40.00   Data Protection Fee.
          J. A. Gibson  £ 140.00 Agency Work.
          J. A. Gibson  £ 120.00 Supply Planter, Compost & Renew All Plants.
          John Bourne.  £ 369.95 Clerk’s Salary & Expenses (nett).      
          H. M. Customs & Excise.             £   75.00 P.A.Y.E.
          The Wheel  £   25.00 Room Hire.
      11. Public Comments.

      12. Items for Inclusion in the Agenda for the Next Meeting.

      13. Date of Next Meeting.

                   John Bourne,
                   Clerk to the Council. (01782) 502940.