Chairman: J. Sargeant, Vice Chairman: R. Lovell. Clerk to the Council: J. Bourne.

18th September 2021

You are hereby informed that the Parish Council has arranged a meeting to be held in the Upstairs Room of The Wheel, Leek Road, Longsdon on Thursday 23rd September 2021 at 7-00p.m.


      1. Apologies for Absence.

      2. Declarations of Interest.

      3. Chairman’s Address.

      4. Public Comments.

      5. Approval of Minutes of the last meeting.

        • Minutes of the meeting of the 5th August 2021
      6. Matters Arising.

        1. Remembrance Sunday Poppy Locations.
        2. The Memorial Hall – Report and timetable publication request.
        3. Bus Shelter Painting.
        4. Post Box in Micklea Lane.
        5. Publication of Dates of Meetings.
      7. Other Business.

      8. Correspondence

        • Already distributed to Councillors :-
          • Get in Touch with Staffs. Commissioner’s Office
          • Update from Dougie Mac
          • W.A.R. Fly Tipping Campaign – SMDC.
            Manchester Airport Project.
            Moorlands Climate Change Action Group.

        • Clerks & Councils Direct.

      9. Planning Matters.

        1. The following planning applications have been received for discussion:
        2. SMD/2021/0576 Proposed Freestanding Orangery / Garden Room at Stonelowe Hall, Leek Road,
          • Longsdon
        3. SMD/2021/0577 Listed Building Consent for Proposed Free Standing Orangery / Garden Room at
          • Stonelowe Hall, Leek Road, Longsdon.
      10. Finance Matters.

        1. Certificate of Registration from the Information Commissioner’s Office.
        2. Receipt of Refund of V. A. T. from last year - £513.13.
        3. Orders for Payment.

          John Sargeant (Chairman)  £     5.99   Paid to Ionos for Website – One Monthly Charge.
          J. A. Gibson  £ 140.00 Agency Work.
          Parish Online.  £   45.00 On Line Fee.   
          The Wheel  £   25.00 Room Hire.
      11. Public Comments.

      12. Items for Inclusion in the Agenda for the Next Meeting.

      13. Date of Next Meeting.

                   John Bourne,
                   Clerk to the Council. (01782) 502940.