Minutes of Meeting held in St. Chad’s Church Room on Thursday 2nd. February 2017.

Present: Councillor J. Sargeant (Chair).

Councillors T. Beastall, R. Lovell, C. Taylor & S. R. Weston.

District Councillor N. Hawkins.

In Attendance: John Bourne, Clerk to the Council.

66/16. Apologies for Absence.

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors L. Bills and D. Sargeant.

67/16. Declarations of Interest.

There were no declarations of interest at this point.

68/16. Chairman’s Address.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

69/16. Public Comments.

District Councillor Hawkins gave a brief report on the current stage of the Local Plan. Thousands of public responses were available to view on the District Council’s website. That Council was still awaiting a Government report.

No amendment had been made to the number of properties required with no further proposals put forward. It had been noted that infill locations were preferred to large sites.

70/16. Minutes of Last Meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on 1st. December 2016 had been circulated. It was agreed that they be signed as a true and correct record.

71/16. Matters Arising.

After consultation with the Chairman, various e.mails had been exchanged with Staffs. Moorlands District Council regarding a replacement litter bin to be sited on the canal bridge in Sutherland Road. Replies stated that the bin on the tow path of the canal was in a dangerous condition and had had to be removed. The bin further up Sutherland Road could be re-sited and signage placed on the towpath to direct users to its position on the bridge. It was agreed to ask if a bin could be purchased by the Parish Council with it being serviced by the District Council. Prices would be obtained but the Moorlands Council would also be asked for a quotation.

Councillors had been informed of a Community Speed Watch meeting which had been held by Staffs. Police at Leek on 12th. January 2017 but enough local interest in the project had not been forthcoming.

No information had been received from local tradesmen regarding repairs to the bus shelter on Leek Road, opposite the old New Inn. It was agreed that the remaining bars in the windows could be cut out and the windows left open.

Staffs. Moorlands Planning Dept. had been asked about a partly completed extension at a property in Denford Road in a Conservation area which did not appear in keeping with the actual property. A reply stated that as the extension was reported to be a conservatory the use of the materials being used were within planning limits.

It was reported that:

damage to the ditch etc in Honeysuckle Lane had been repaired by Staffs. County Council.

72/16. Correspondence.

Proposals for the screening of the new water treatment equipment at the Ladderedge site with trees had been received from the Project Leader of MacDonald Bentley for the Council’s consideration. This was after concerns from the Parish Council and the public. It was agreed that the proposals be accepted.

Information received under this item:

SPCA/Staffs. County Council Workshop on a “Community Based Approach” at Stafford on 23rd. February 17.

request for funding for Debt Benefit & Consumer Advice Service at Staffs. County Council – no action.

on Financial Services Compensation Scheme from TSB Bank.

Clerks & Councils Direct – January 17 issue.

73/16. Planning Matters.

The following plans had been distributed to Councillors, due to the time scale:

DET/2016/0064 Agricultural Building with Small Extension to Existing Yard at Upper Dales, Dunwood Lane.

By a majority decision, it was agreed to forward no objections, in principle, but to express concern about the size of the proposed building on the prominent site.

SMD/2016/0730 Proposed New Access for Horticultural Nursery at Proctors Nursery, Leek Road, Endon.

By a majority decision, it was agrees to forward no objections, but concern was expressed about whether the proposal was a prelude to the opening of the site to the public. The present access is sufficient for the present use.

SMD/2016/0704 Proposed Siting of One Glasshouse at Proctor’s Nursery, Leek Road, Endon.

It was agreed to forward no objections, subject to normal planning guidelines.

The following plan was discussed and it was agreed to forward no objections, subject to normal planning guidelines, to:-

SMD/2017/0008 Replacement Garages at Beech Croft, Sutherland Road, Longsdon.

With regard to SMD/2016/0822 Outline Planning Application with all matters reserved (except access) for the Erection of Two Houses on land adjacent to Whitehaven, Leek Road, Longsdon, there were no objections in principle but some concern was expressed over highway impact and considered that one dwelling, rather than two, would be better in terms of the surrounding area.

74/16. Finance Matters.

Quarterly Account Update was presented to Councillors.

Official notification of the cessation of Staffs. County Council’s Lengthsman Scheme had been received.

It was agreed that the Council’s lengthsman’s hourly rate be increased by £0 – 25 per hour.

It was agreed that the Clerk’s salary be increased by £50 – 00 per annum, the first rise in two years.

The Clerk / Financial Officer produced estimates of final Income and Expenditure and end of year balances for the current year and estimated Income & Expenditure for 2017 / 2018 taking into account the loss of the Staffs. County Council’s lengthsman income of £699 – 00.

After studying the figures, it was agreed that the Precept Requirement for 2017 / 2018 be £4,420 – 84 (an increase of approx. £492 – 00) not including the grant from Staffs. Moorlands District Council. This would result in the total charge to a Band D property being £16 – 02 and increase of £1 – 63 on this year’s figure.

75/16. Orders for Payment.

It was unanimously agreed that the following items be paid:-

Recipient Amount Reason
P.C.C.of St. Chad’s Church. £25.00 Room Hire.
A Bridgwood. £112.63 Agency Work.
John Bourne. £328.20 Clerk’s Salary & Expenses (Nett).
H.M. Revenue & Customs. £60.00 P. A. Y. E.

76/16. Public Comment.

There was no business under this item.

77/16. Any Other Business.

Prices would be obtained for replacement village plant tubs.

A report was given of fly tipping at the old New Inn site but this had already been reported to S. M. D. C.

A request would be sent to Staffs. County Council asking if the double yellow lines on the East side of the entrance to Sutherland Road could be extended to match the opposite side. This was after reports of “near misses” with traffic entering the road and passing parked vehicles in this location.

Items to be reported to Staffs County Council:

Loose direction signs at the junction of School Lane and Leek Road, Longsdon.

Potholes in School Lane and Devils Lane, Longsdon.

78/16. Date of Next Meeting.

The next meeting of the Council will be held at 7 - 00p.m. on Thursday 30th. March 2017 at St. Chad’s Church Room, Leek Road, Longsdon. A provisional date for the following meeting was agreed as 4th. May 2017.