Minutes of Meeting held in the upstairs room of The Wheel on Thursday 5th. October 2017.

Present: Councillor J. Sargeant (Chair).

Councillors T. Beastall, R. Lovell, K. Shaw, C. Taylor & S. R. Weston.

District Councillor N. Hawkins.

In Attendance: John Bourne, Clerk to the Council.

42/17. Apologies for Absence.

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor D. Sargeant.

43/17. Declarations of Interest.

There were no declarations of interest at this point.

44/17. Chairman’s Address.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

45/17. Public Comments.

District Councillor Hawkins gave details of the new telephone system at Staffs, Moorlands District Council which was now in operation. The initial contact number is (01538) 395400.

46/17. Minutes of Last Meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on 17th. August 2017 had been circulated. It was agreed that they be signed as a true and correct record.

47/17. Matters Arising.

A reply had been received, via District Councillor Hawkins, from Staffs. Moorlands District Council giving details which stated that a Council meeting which could possibly have many members of the public present would constitute an “event” which would be in breach of planning restrictions imposed on Dunwood Hall, the suggested venue for future meetings. It suggested that the owners of the hall should apply for planning permission for an increased number of events. Councillors felt that this was unfair and agreed to continue to meet in the upstairs room of the Wheel until further notice.

The owners of old New Inn had been contacted regarding the complaints about the solid board safety fencing which had been erected on the site obstructing vision for drivers entering or leaving Denford Road and also causing a hazard for pedestrians, and asking for some adjustments to the hoardings. No reply had been received.

The collapsed stone wall at Bridge No 6 Sutherland Road had been reported to the Canal & River Trust which said that the wall may not be its responsibility, but enquiries were continuing.

The Council’s choice of option on the consultation on Staffordshire Subsidised Bus Review had been forwarded. It was reported, however, that any changes had been put on hold.

The Council’s choice of option on the consultation on a Business Plan for the Future Joint Governance of the Police and the Fire and Rescue Services in Staffordshire had been forwarded. It was reported, however, that there would be no change to the current Governance.

It was reported that:

the Electoral Office had been informed of the co-option of Councillor Shaw.

that the owners of the private Wood Road had resurfaced the road themselves.

overgrowth over footpath on North West side of the A53 from Stonelow Hall to the “new cutting” – done.

48/17. Correspondence.

A letter and poster had been received from Karen Bradley MP giving information and dates of her constituency surgeries. Poster displayed on notice board.

An invitation had been received from Karen Bradley M.P. inviting anyone to meet her for a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament on Thursday 16th. November 2017. Poster with details displayed on notice board.

Other information received was:

Smith of Derby had sent details of an Annual Clock Service Plan offer – no action.

N. H. S. Designing Your Local Health Service – dates of events.

T.S.B. Bank – Changes to Business Terms.

Clerks & Councils Direct – September issue.

49/17. Planning Matters.

The Chairman had been in contact with Staffs. Moorlands District Council to clarify an item on the Local Plan regarding infill boundaries. A satisfactory response had been received.

The following planning application was discussed:

SMD/2017/0578 Outline Permission for a Single Dwelling at Proctor’s Nursery, Leek Road, Endon.

It was agreed to OBJECT strongly to this proposal on the following grounds:

The site is within the Green Belt. This green belt is a buffer zone between Endon and Longsdon.

Permission has already been obtained for a temporary dwelling. This can be moved around the site to suit varying conditions and no advantage would be gained by having a fixed dwelling.

The dwelling on the site should have an agricultural tie restriction.

50/17. Finance Matters.

A quarterly update statement of account was distributed to Councillors.

It was agreed that the T.S.B. Bank signatory mandate be updated.

The refund of V. A. T. for last year amounting to £64 – 31 had been received.

51/17. Orders for Payment.

It was unanimously agreed that the following items be paid:-

Recipient Amount Reason
The Wheel. £25.00 Room Hire.
A. Bridgwood. £89.25 Agency Work.
1 + 1 Website. £1.19 Internet Charge.
John Bourne. £281.44 Clerk’s Salary & Expenses.
H. M. Revenue & Customs. £58.00 P. A. Y. E.

An account had been received from Thomson Reuters for the purchase of two copies of The Parish Councillors’ Guide. This showed a total sum due of £54 – 00 but it was noted that this did not match the price printed on the books. The firm in question would be contacted.

52/17. Public Comment.

There was no business under this item.

53/17. Any Other Business.

Items for report included:

the overgrown grass over the footpath in Sutherland Road had again been reported to the lengthsman who had apologised for the delay in carrying out the work.

blocked road gully on the A53 opposite Nether Stanlow Farm - Staffs. County Council.

the entrance to the Common land – lengthsman.

Councillor Lovell, the Council’s representative, gave a brief report on the Memorial Hall Management Committee which, he reported, was investigating the idea of installing mirrors opposite the entrance to the hall to assist traffic leaving the car park.

He also reported that it was proposing to hold an event to celebrate the Centenary of the Memorial Hall in 2020. Any information on the founding of the hall would be appreciated.

Legislation on the ownership of the hall was also to be perused.

It was also agreed to purchase the usual British Legion wreath for the Remembrance Day service at St. Chad’s Church.

54/17. Date of Next Meeting.

The next meeting of the Council will be held at 7 - 00p.m. on Thursday 30th. November 2017 in the upstairs room of The Wheel public house, Leek Road, Longsdon