Minutes of Meeting held in the upstairs room of The Wheel on Thursday 31st January 2019.


Meeting Details

Councillor J. Sargeant (Chair).
Councillors T. Beastall, B. Bromley, R. Lovell, K. Shaw & S. R. Weston.
District Councillor N. Hawkins.


In Attendance:
John Bourne, Clerk to the Council


67/18. Apologies for Absence.

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor D. Sargeant.

68/18. Declarations of Interest.

There were no declarations of interest at this point.

69/18. Chairman’s Address.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting. 

70/18. Public Comments.

District Councillor Hawkins mentioned the Council’s comments on the planning application which had been circulated giving details of a proposed dwelling on land adjacent to Prospect Farm, Sutherland Road, Longsdon. She suggested that outline permission on the site still awaited details of sewerage system which affected neighbouring properties and that this should be pointed out to the Planning Authority.  

71/18. Minutes of Last Meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on 13th December 2018 had been circulated and it was agreed that they be signed as a true and correct record. 

72/18. Matters Arising.

The account received from Lymewood for the new post for the “Longsdon” sign had been challenged as it was not in keeping with the original quotation. The firm stated that the original quotation was for the post alone and the extra amount on the invoice was for collection and delivery of the wrought iron sign and its fitting to the post. The Chairman, Vice Chairman and the Clerk had reluctantly agreed that the invoice would have to be paid and this had been done. This action was sanctioned.

The Clerk gave the meeting information on a possible candidate for the post of the Council’s lengthsman. The firm involved was already being employed by Endon Parish Council and that it had sufficient insurance cover. It was agreed that the firm be approached to carry out approx eight hours work per month.

Formal written permission from Memorial Hall Management Committee for the siting of the new bus shelter was awaited but this had apparently been prepared.

Further information had been obtained on the suggested Hatton Anti-vandal bus shelter and it was agreed that a local building contractor be approached to cost the work involved with siting the shelter. 

73/18. Correspondence.

An invitation to join the organisation had been received from the Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association. It was agreed that no action be taken. 

Information received included:

  • invite to Business Partnership Lunch from the Douglas Macmillan Hospice.
  • Clerks & Councils Direct – January 19 issue.

74/18. Planning Matters.

The following planning application had been distributed to Councillors, due to the time frame:

  • SMD/2018/0788 Erection of a Single Dwelling & Detached Garage on Land adjacent to Prospect House Farm, Sutherland Road, Longsdon.

Councillors agreed to object to this application on the grounds that the large size of the proposed dwelling and its height would overshadow surrounding dwellings. 

75/18. Finance Matters.

The half yearly payment for the Staffordshire Moorlands Lengthsman scheme had been received.

The Council’s Fixed Term Bond with Leek United Building Society had matured in January 2019. It was agreed that the balance of the account be withdrawn and deposited in the Council’s T.S.B. current account.

A quarterly statement of account was presented to each Councillor.

The Clerk / Financial Officer produced estimates for final Income and Expenditure and end of year balances for the current year and estimated Income & Expenditure for 2019 / 2020. After studying the figures, it was agreed that the Precept Requirement for 2019 / 2020 be £4,500- 00 which would result in the Band D property charge being £16 – 13, an increase on last year of 0.68%. 

76/18. Orders For Payment.

 It was unanimously agreed that the following items be paid:-

  • The Wheel. £ 25 – 00. Room Hire.
  • John Bourne. £ 316 – 10. Clerk’s Salary & Expenses.
  • H.M. Revenue & Customs. £ 60 – 60. P. A. Y. E. 

77/18. Public Comment.

There was no business under this item.

78/18. Any Other Business.

There was no business under this item.

79/18. Date of Next Meeting.

The date of the next meeting of the Council was arranged for Thursday 7th March 2019 at 7 – 00p.m. in the upstairs room of The Wheel public house, Leek Road, Longsdon.