Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 11th March 2021 Remotely via Zoom.


Meeting Details


Councillor J. Sargeant (Chair).
Councillors T. Beastall, B. Bromley, C. Hawthorne, R. Lovell & D. Sargeant..


In Attendance:

One Member of the Public.
John Bourne, Clerk to the Council


47/20 Apologies for Absence.

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor K. Shaw & District Councillor N. Hawkins.

48/20 Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest at this point.

49/20 Chairman’s Address.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.
He stated that he had reported a dislodged warning sign in School Lane to Staffs. County Council.

50/20 Public Comments.

There was no business under this item.

51/20 Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting.

Two Notices of Motion under this item had been received:-

1. That a Councillor’s name be added to the end of Draft Minute No. 39/20.
2. That Draft Minute No. 40/20 should be re-worded and to show two Councillor’s names.

After a lengthy discussion both the Notices of Motion were withdrawn.
The minutes of the virtual meeting held on 14th January 2021 had been circulated and it was now agreed that they be signed as a true and correct record.

52/20 Matters Arising.

(a) Demolished Bus Shelter.

A quotation had been obtained for a similar replacement bus shelter at a cost of £2,100.00 excl. V.A.T. A quotation had also been received from EWH Construction for re-building and making safe the ends of the stone wall where the old shelter was removed and erecting the new shelter in the sum of £755.00. The total, therefore, was less than the total cost of the previously purchased shelter by over £600.00 and, as instructed at the last meeting, the new shelter had been ordered.

(b) The Old New Inn.

The Head of Planning & Development of Staffs. Moorlands District Council had been contacted to give the Parish Council’s views on the future of the old New Inn site mentioned at the last meeting.

(c) Planting of the Village Tubs.

The Council’s lengthsman had been contacted to see whether he would / could undertake the work involved with the planting of the village flower tubs. He had agreed to do the work and issue a separate invoice for the work involved. The Chairman had agreed that he should be employed and he had already emptied the tubs, drilled the bases for drainage purposes, refilled them with new compost and planted early flowering plants. This action was sanctioned and compliments for the work were expressed.
At this point it was suggested that enquiries be made into having name plates made with the Parish Council’s name on which would be attached to the new bus shelters and the village tubs to show that they had been provided by the Parish Council.

(d) Tree in Sutherland Road.

No replies had yet been received from the Tree Officer of Staffs. Moorlands District Council regarding the height of a tree in Sutherland Road. It was agreed to write to the Chief Executive of the Moorlands Council to complain of the discourtesy and unprofessionalism of the Officer involved by not replying since November 2020.

(e) Highway Complaints.

Communication had been sent to the Community Infrastructure Manager of Staffs. County Council regarding the long wait for replies to highway complaints. She had instructed the Highways Superintendant to contact the Parish Council on the matter. The Clerk had met with him and he explained the works involved etc but it was not in his remit to explain the usual three month delay in obtaining a reply. It was agreed to write again to the Manager asking for further information on this point.

(f) A further discussion took place on arrangements for future Remembrance Sunday activities. It was felt that the large poppies etc for roadside display etc could, after use, possibly be stored in the Memorial Hall. Costs of the large poppies would be obtained.
The Clerk pointed out that the cheque for £20.00 sent as a donation to the local branch of the British Legion in November had not been cashed. Enquiries would be made.

53/20 Other Business.

(a) Enquiries had been made as to why St. Chad’s Church clock was not working as the Parish Council had always paid for the annual maintenance. The Church Administrator had reported that a volunteer usually wound the clock up but an inspection had reported that extensive repairs were needed to the mechanism. She had been quoted a preliminary figure of £2,000.00 for the repairs but a further investigation was planned.

(b) Grants for Village Organisations were discussed but no applications for grants had been received.

(c) A report was given of a resident contacting the Parish Council regarding a broken drain flooding part of her land. She had contacted Staffs. County Council without success. She had been advised to contact Severn Trent due to the fact that it was not in the Parish Council’s remit.

54/20 Correspondence.

Staffs. Police Survey – Your Police. Your Voice.                                 ) Already Distributed
Staffs. Moorlands District Council Car Parking Strategy Consultation. ) to Councillors.
A Road Closure Notice had been received for the closure of Sutherland Road / Park Lane during March 2021 and this had been forwarded to Councillors and published on the notice boards.

55/20 Planning.

For Report.

The following plans had been distributed to Councillors for comments:

  • SMD/2021/0036 Certificate of Lawfulness for the Existing Carport to Side Elevation, Glazed Porch to Rear Elevation & New Timber Balcony to Bedroom at Rosebank Cottage, Dunwood
    Lane, Longsdon.
    While there were no objections in principle, some concern was expressed as to why no enforcement action has been taken after a planning application

  • SMD/2019/0067 with these details was REFUSED two years ago. This lack of action has now allowed this detail to go through automatically.

  • SMD/ 2021/0037 Certificate of Lawfulness for an Existing Garden Office which was constructed over 4 years ago at Rosebank Cottage, Dunwood Lane, Longsdon.
    There were no objections in principle but mention was made that the building should not be used for domiciliary purposes.

  • SMD/2021/0018 Variation of Condition 2 relating to SMD/2018/0788 on Land adjacent to Prospect House Farm, Sutherland Road, Longsdon.
    There were no objections.

  • SMD/2021/0092 Vary Condition 2 relating to SMD/2014/0748 on Land at Wyn Dene, Leek Road, Longsdon.
    There were no objections.

  • SMD/2021/0087 Proposed Single Storey Side & Rear Extension at Waterside, Denford Road, Longsdon.
    No objections to date.

A Notice of Appeal had also been received – Written Reps – App Ref SMD/2020/0211 but the Parish Council previously had had no objections in principle but mention had been made of the visual impact. These comments are automatically sent to the Inspector.

56/20. Finance Matters.

(a) For Report.

After further information had been requested and sent in, nothing further had been received from the Council’s bankers, T.S.B. so it is assumed that the mandate had now been accepted.

(b) Precept Requirement.

The request for the £5,000.00 precept for the year 2021/2022 had been accepted by Staffs. Moorlands District Council

(c) The half yearly Lengthsman Invoice had been submitted to Staffs. Moorlands District Council.

(d) Orders for Payment.

It was agreed that the following items be paid:

 Recipient Amount  Reason
 John Sargeant (Chair).   £11.98  Paid to Ionos for Website – Two Monthly Charges.
  £28.78  Paid to Zoom – Two Monthly Charges.
 J. A. Gibson.    £160.00  Agency Work.
    £117.80  Empty Flower Tubs, Drill Holes in Bases, Fill with New
 Compost & Fill with Plants & Bulbs.


57/20 Public Comments.

The member of the public gave a report on how dangerous and near impossible it was to use the pedestrian crossing on the A53 Leek Road adjacent to the Sutherland Road / School Lane junctions.

This matter was originally raised at the November 2019 meeting and a report sent to the local Staffs. County Council office. A belated reply suggested that there was nothing wrong with the crossing and it suggested that pedestrians should study the Highway Code on the use of the crossing. Nothing has been done regarding the Parish Council’s improvement suggestions apart from a slight trimming of some nearby small roadside trees.

It was agreed to write to County Councillor Heath, with a copy to Karen Bradley M.P., to bring the matter to attention again with suggestions for the re-painting of the white markings of the crossing on the road, cleaning or renewing of the Belisha Beacon globes and the need for larger crossing warning signs on the approach from Leek.

58/20 Items for Inclusion in the Agenda for the Next Meeting.

It was agreed that Parish Councils’ responsibilities should be looked into and be on the agenda for the next meeting.

59/20 Date of Next Meeting.

The date of the next meeting was arranged for Thursday 6th. May 2021 at 7.00pm virtually hosted by Zoom.
The meeting would include the A.G.M. and the Parish Meeting which did not take place last year after Government advice during Covid 19 restrictions.