Chairman: J. Sargeant, Vice Chairman: R. Lovell. Clerk to the Council: J. Bourne.

18th. June 2022.


You are hereby informed that a Meeting of the Council will be held in the Upstairs Room of The Wheel Public House on Thursday 23rd. June 2022 at 7-00p.m.


1 Apologies for Absence.

2 Declarations of Interest.

3 Chairman’s Address.

4 Public Comments.

5 Approval of Minutes of the last meeting.

Minutes of the meeting of the 5th. May 2022.

6 Matters Arising.

(a) Applications for Co-opted Councillors.

(b) Longsdon Memorial Hall – Reply Sent.

(c) Memorial Seat.

7 Other Business.

(a) Defibrillator Pads Expired.

(b) Summer Planting of Village Flower Tubs.

(c) Overgrown Hedges & Verges on Footpaths.

(d) Risk Assessment Policy.

8 Correspondence.

Already distributed to Councillors - Diversion of Public Footpath.

HGV Vehicles in Park Lane – Cheddleton Parish Council

9 Planning Matters.

Already distributed to Councillors:-

SMD/2022/0195 Proposed Ground Floor Extension to Form Snug Lounge, Dining Area & Kitchen, New Rear Porch, Garden Orangery Space etc etc at Highwood, Leek Road, Longsdon.

No adverse comments were received.

10 Finance Matters.

(a) To Receive a Report from the Internal Auditor.

(b) Approval of the Submission of External Audit Exemption Certificate.

(c) Approval of AGAR Section 1 Annual Governance Statement.

(d) Approval of AGAR Section 2 Accounting Statements for 2021/22.

(e) Approval of Bank Recs Statement and Variations Statement.

(f) Orders for Payment.

Recipient Amount Reason
J. Sargeant. £ 11.98  Paid to Ionos (Two Months Web Page Charges).
J. A. Gibson £ 140.00  Agency Work.
The Wheel. £ 25.00  Room Hire.

11 Public Comments.

12 Items for Inclusion in the Agenda for the Next Meeting.

13 Date of Next Meeting.

John Bourne,

Clerk to the Council. (01782) 502940.