Section 2 – Accounting Statements 2018/19 for


  Year ending Notes and guidance
  31 March
31 March
Please round all figures to nearest £1. Do not leave any boxes blank and report £0 or Nil balances. All figures must agree to underlying financial records.
 1. Balances brought
7,101 9,208 Total balances and reserves at the beginning of the year as recorded in the financial records. Value must agree to Box 7 of previous year
 2. (+) Precept or Rates and Levies 4,421 4,486 Total amount of precept (or for IDBs rates and levies) received or receivable in the year. Exclude any grants received.
3. (+) Total other receipts 689 393 Total income or receipts as recorded in the cashbook less the precept or rates/levies received (line 2). Include any grants received.
4. (-) Staff costs 938 1,287 Total expenditure or payments made to and on behalf
of all employees. Include gross salaries and wages,
employers NI contributions, employers pension
contributions, gratuities and severance payments.
5. (-) Loan interest/capital repayments 0 0 Total expenditure or payments of capital and interest
made during the year on the authority’s borrowings (if any).
6. (-) All other payments 2,065 2,078 Total expenditure or payments as recorded in the cashbook less staff costs (line 4) and loan interest/capital repayments (line 5).
 7. (=) Balances carried forward 9,208 10,722 Total balances and reserves at the end of the year. Must equal (1+2+3) - (4+5+6).
 8. Total value of cash and short term investments 9,208 10,722 The sum of all current and deposit bank accounts, cash holdings and short term investments held as at 31 March –
To agree with bank reconciliation.
 9. Total fixed assets plus long term investments
and assets
13,301 13,301 The value of all the property the authority owns – it is made up of all its fixed assets and long term investments as at 31 March.
10. Total borrowings 0 0 The outstanding capital balance as at 31 March of all loans from third parties (including PWLB).
11. (For Local Councils Only) Disclosure note re Trust funds (including charitable) Yes  No The Council as a body corporate acts as sole trustee for and is responsible for managing Trust funds or assets.
  No N.B. The figures in the accounting statements above do not include any Trust transactions.
I certify that for the year ended 31 March 2019 the Accounting Statements in this Annual Governance and Accountability Return have been prepared on either a receipts and payments or income and expenditure basis following the guidance in Governance and Accountability for Smaller Authorities – a Practitioners’ Guide to Proper Practices and present fairly the financial position of this authority. Signed by Responsible Financial Officer before being presented to the authority for approval
  Clerk's Pseudo Signature 
Date 18 JUNE 2019
I confirm that these Accounting Statements were approved by this authority on this date:
as recorded in minute reference:
Signed by Chairman of the meeting where the Accounting Statements were approved
Chair's Pseudo Signature



Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018/19 Part 2
Local Councils, Internal Drainage Boards and other Smaller Authorities
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